Awards for All Project Maes Ebbw School Newport PMLD students

By July 8, 2019 Dramatherapy, Music Therapy

Arts therapists Becca Sayers (music therapist) and Mandy Squires (creative therapist) led a six week project with 2 classes of students with PMLD aged 8 to 13 years old at Maes Ebbw school.  Sensory stories enabled increasing creative input from the class and culminated in a re-telling of a developed story using those aspects most shaped by the group.   The therapists worked by illustrating the story musically and dramatically.  They attuned to and responded to each young person in the group as they took part in their own way.

The sounds, movements and intensity of the group members were reflected through music and movement, shaping songs and activities to the ideas and preferences of individual group members.  Students were able to experience leading their peers and staff through the subtle means of their input being reflected in the activities, or show their confidence and ability to conduct the group on cue through movements of sounds.